Igniting your confidence so you can answer your calling to become a Change Maker, start living your potential and make a meaningful contribution. 


I'm so glad you're here.

You've been secretly day dreaming about creating positive change.

You feel uncomfortable putting yourself out there and would love to boost your confidence and take bolder action.

I support new and emerging Change Makers, Community Leaders and Volunteers to ignite their confidence so you can finally act on that calling to create positive change. 

Explore HOW you feel called to make a meaningful contribution outside of work and get started!

Whether that’s creating a community garden, running a women’s circle, mentoring young people, creating an environmental project, campaigning for change or volunteering.

Together we take you far further than you've ever imagined.

I want you to step into the most confident and self-loving version of you  so that you can make a difference and inspire change.

I’m here to help you remove the limits on your life and step into your potential.


Check out my UNIQUELY YOU package, bespoke for you and your needs.

I support you to be bolder, more assertive and show up more confidentially in your life so that you can achieve what YOU most want.

Whether that’s feeling you’re most confident at work, succeeding at something new or finding the confidence to be yourself and speak your truth.

A Confidence and Empowerment Coach for Change Makers, Community Leaders and Volunteers. Trained by the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

Hi, I'm Anna


I’ve had my own struggles with low self-confidence and a strong inner critic. Life Coaching gave me the tools to leave that behind and feel deeply self-assured.

I want this for you!

My mission is to share the tools I have learnt so you too can create the life you most want to lead and feel the most confident and self-loving you’ve ever felt.

If you are day dreaming about making a meaningful contribution but feel you need to increase your confidence and self-belief, I’m here for you.


Here's how we can work

Are you ready to boost your confidence and learn the tools and self-love you need to finally start living your potential?  

Lucy K. Maroncha

" It awoke the author that had been sleeping inside me and stirred the confidence
that had been hidden in me.

Anna is not only skilled in the practice but very passionate about seeing the
 success of her clients.

Anna is very encouraging and always ready to celebrate my successes with me.

I am so privileged to have met her and to have gone through the exciting six weeks with her."

"No amount of money can pay for this six-week experience."

Mick Jefford

"The goals we set together remain my guiding stars for my future life!

I now feel empowered to coach myself
with a mindset toolkit to refer back to.

The experience has been magical and
transformational, and I am so thankful to her. "

"Anna is a wonderful human being and excellent
personal coach, who I cannot recommend highly enough. "

Emma Verey

"They really helped me move forwards with confidence and feel excited for.

Working with Anna was fantastic, she has a natural ability to
listen as well as motivate in a very organic way.

I ended my coaching series feeling really connected in my relationships  and full of possibility
and potential for what I can create as a mind -body -health wellbeing teacher."

"I wholeheartedly recommend Anna’s life coaching sessions."

Mick Jefford

"I worked with Anna to set and achieve a goal around environmental activism.

Like many other people, I have tried to do my bit over the years through
individual action and behaviour change, but without a particular outcome in mind.

Anna helped me clarify my focus on campaigning against the air travel industry, and in particular, confront the pervasive cultural acceptance from which it benefits.

At a time when it is so easy to become overwhelmed by the enormity of current environmental challenges, it is a great relief to have this one goal
as a guiding star for  future action."

"Anna helped me clarify my focus on campaigning against
the air travel industry, and in particular, confront the
 pervasive cultural acceptance from which it benefits. "

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