Kind words

 "It awoke the author that had been sleeping inside me and stirred the confidence that had been hidden in me.

Anna is not only skilled in the practice but very passionate about seeing the success of her clients.

Anna is very encouraging and always ready to celebrate my successes with me.

 I am so privileged to have met her and to have gone through the exciting six weeks with her."

"No amount of money can pay for this six-week experience."

Lucy K. Maroncha

Kind words

"Over the course of six sessions, she has really helped me become clear about what I want to do, what I need, and what I can realistically achieve.

The goals we set together remain my guiding stars for my future life!

I now feel empowered to coach myself with a mindset toolkit to refer back to.

The experience has been magical and transformational, and I am so thankful to her."

"Anna is a wonderful human being and excellent personal coach, who I cannot recommend highly enough. "

Mick Jefford

Kind words

 "Anna is a very focused, compassionate and skilful coach and guide.

Anna kept me very much 'on track'. She has an incredible ability to get to the bottom of things and ask important questions which really help the truth of the heart reveal itself.

I highly recommend Anna, you will feel fully supported, heard and deeply celebrated!

"Anna has a true gift as a coach and I would recommend her to all my friends who wish to go further in sharing their gifts with the world. "

Catherine Lee

Kind words

"They really helped me move forwards with confidence and feel excited for what’s to come. Working with Anna was fantastic, she has a natural ability to listen as well as motivate in a very organic way. She enabled me to create clarity, held me accountable, challenged me and I excelled on each of my goals. The sessions were also lots of fun.

I ended my coaching series feeling really connected in my relationships and full of possibility and potential for what I can create as a mind - body -health wellbeing teacher.

 I gained confidence, became more decisive and certain in my decisions and now feel brave and confident to live my true purpose.

Life coaching is a beautiful opportunity & gift to yourself. I hadn’t realised the power of life coaching but quickly learnt how it enables you to focus clearly on the things you care about, the goals you wish to manifest and to tune in to your true self.

Being a Mum of a little one and embracing all the delights this brings can at times make you feel stretched for time and disconnected to your needs and dreams. Life coaching helped me reconnect to myself and my community and make space and time for the things I care about. "

"I wholeheartedly recommend Anna’s life coaching sessions"

Emma Verey

Kind words

"I worked with Anna to set and achieve a goal around environmental activism. Like many other people, I have tried to do my bit over the years through individual action and behaviour change, but without a particular outcome in mind.

Anna helped me clarify my focus on campaigning against the air travel industry, and in particular, confront the pervasive cultural acceptance from which it benefits.

At a time when it is so easy to become overwhelmed by the enormity of current environmental challenges, it is a great relief to have this one goal as a guiding star for future action. "

"Anna helped me clarify my focus
on campaigning against the air travel industry, and in particular, confront the pervasive cultural
acceptance from which it benefits."

Mick Jefford


Here's how we can work

No. Counselling usually involves looking back at the past to discover how you are in the present and is a healing space. Life Coaching looks only from the present to the future, assisting you to create change in your life, moving from where you are to where you want to be.

 Is Life Coaching the same as Counselling?


Life Coaching supports you to explore your life, where you are currently and where you would like to be in the future. If you have some desires for your life, want to shift or change in some areas or have a quiet knowing that something is missing, Life Coaching is for you!

Is Life Coaching for me?


We’ll meet every two weeks online using zoom for 60 – 75 minutes. In Session One we set the goals you truly want to achieve and in the final session we celebrate your incredible achievement of reaching them! 

How does a coaching series work?

Are you nervous to set goals or wonder if coaching will work out as another failed new year’s resolution or habit change? Setting goals is different and powerful. Small actions build up to create BIG sustainable change.
You’ll be blown away by how much you achieve in a coaching series, how you change, shift and grow.
You will develop a deep understanding of the power of taking consistent intentional action for yourself and an addiction to goal setting!

Will setting goals work?


Complete the actions you set in each session before the next session. Be open to exploring your life, trying new approaches and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. I’m here to support and walk beside you, celebrating you every step of the way. 

what do i need to do as a client?


Book a complementary consult to see if I’m the right coach for you. We’ll talk about what you most want to achieve in your life right now. This is your chance to ask any questions about me and what a coaching series involves. Then YOU decide if you want to go forward with a coaching series. It’s completely up to you.

How do I find out more?



Frequently Asked Questions

can i be coached from outside the uk?



Absolutely! My coaching sessions are online using zoom. I coach clients from all over the UK, Europe and beyond. Including Eastern USA, Washington, Chicago, New York and Houston areas. 

I work part time with childcare commitments. The best times for me to offer coaching are:
10am until 2pm (Mon, Wed and Thurs) (GMT)
10am – 5pm (Tues and Fri) (GMT)

What time is coaching available?

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