Abigail Leeks

"A really welcoming safe feeling space to share and listen. You realise people are often feeling the same way "

" Very worthwhile, a safe space to discuss ideas. Very, very supportive".

"The True Confidence Workshop gave me time to think and reflect and consider new ideas on how to feel more confident and move forward. "

Mazzy Murphy

" The space felt lovely. I felt comfortable sharing my thoughts but not pressured to. 

Anna made us all feel very welcome and comfortable. I'm now excited about the next steps I'll take."

"I left feeling very motivated about my next steps for getting closer to my goals "

Elaine Richardson

" A really lovely open session"

"So lovely to have time to reflect and think on the "everyday". "

" The workshop broke down the big questions into practical actionable steps.

By Sharing her own experience, she invites the group to do the same, sparking a productive conversation and reflection."

"Anna creates a safe space to dive into yourself and share with others.  "

True Confidence Workshop

When self-confidence is propped up by seeking external validation from others it is built on fragile foundations.

We are easily knocked when things don’t go to plan.

We slip into self-criticism and only feel confident when others acknowledge us or our talents.

In my True Confidence Workshop I’ll be sharing how to create and grow True Confidence.

A confidence which grows over time and allows you to feel deeply self-assured about who you are and what you have to offer.

We’ll explore how to build self-belief and deeply trust yourself and your own judgement.

Includes guided journaling to help you become clearer on which areas of your life you want to feel more confident in and how to get there. 

You'll set four actions to immediately show up more confidently.


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Monthly Wellbeing Lounge

Coming soon!

Each month we’ll enjoy an evening of connection, discuss a health and wellbeing topic, and complete a short relaxation and an individual journaling exercise.

The journaling will support you to explore the topic and set actions to take immediately in your life to achieve what you most want and need.

I’ll also be offering 20 mins free coaching in front of the group for one person each month!

Topics will include practicing gratitude, feeling more joyful, feeling more connection and belonging, building self-esteem and self-appreciation and exploring self-inquiry and self-leadership

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Thrive at work and at home after maternity leave

The transition back to work after maternity leave can feel challenging.

It’s a busy time in your life, with many responsibilities to juggle and little time for yourself.

We'll explore supporting you to thrive at home and at work as you navigate your first year back at work as a working Mum. 

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