A Confidence and Empowerment Coach. I support people who want to feel more confident and self-loving, who know that low self- confidence is holding them back.

I'm trained by the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

I live in beautiful Brighton UK, famous for our pebbly beach and colourful beach huts with my two children and hubby.


Hi! I'm Anna

I believe in the power of life coaching to access our best self and create the life we want to lead.

I absolutely love watching my clients transform into their most confident and self-loving selves so they create the life they dream of.

I found life coaching when I was struggling with my strong inner critic and low self-confidence
. I was consumed by self-doubt and lacked confidence to move forward in my life.

It was life coaching that really enabled me to shift my mindset, build resilience and access tools I still use regularly. I became more self-compassionate, self-loving and my most confident self by taking action outside my comfort zone.

I now feel deeply self-assured, trust in my own abilities, and although my inner critic pops up gently from time to time, I enjoy a more peaceful mind where I access joy and creativity more often.

My mission is to share the tools I have learnt with others so you too can create the life you most want to lead and feel the most confident and self-loving you’ve ever felt.

It is such a privilege and joy to support my clients. To see their confidence and assertiveness grow before my eyes, to hear their passion about their ambitions and to see them achieve what they most want. It’s truly inspiring and humbling.

I can’t wait to hear what has been calling you, what you are drawn to create, achieve or move towards once you feel you're most confident.

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